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What’s my browser and operating system?

Knowing the version of your browser and operating system can be very useful for various reasons, including for individuals during technical support, website developers, and security experts.

Your browser and your operating system

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Maximize your web compatibility and security

How to know your browser and operating system?

Discover the specifics of your web browsing environment to ensure compatibility, enhance support, and strengthen security. Our tool identifies your browser and operating system, providing essential information for technical support, web development, and security analysis. Understanding your web environment can help in troubleshooting, optimizing user experience, and implementing targeted security measures.

Compatibility & Support

Our tool makes diagnosing and solving compatibility issues easier, essential for developers and technical support.

Enhanced Security

Identify risk configurations and apply appropriate security measures to protect your online activities.

Updates & Optimization

Ensure you are using the most recent and optimized versions of your software for a flawless user experience.

Experience Personalization

Use information about your browser and operating system to personalize and improve the user experience on your site.

Browser security updates
The best way to protect your browsing

Why is it crucial to update your browser?

Updating your browser is essential to ensure a secure and efficient browsing experience. Security updates protect against recently discovered vulnerabilities, which hackers can exploit to compromise your personal data. Furthermore, they improve compatibility with websites and optimize browsing performance.

Important updates for your security

  • Protection against malware
  • Online transaction security
  • Performance and speed improvements
Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Most modern browsers update automatically. You can check your browser version and enable automatic updates in the settings or help menu of your browser.

On a PC, you can usually find this information by going to "Settings" then "System" and "About". On a Mac, click on the Apple menu and select "About This Mac".

Updates bring security improvements to protect against recent threats, bug fixes, and performance and compatibility enhancements with recent applications and websites.

Differences include privacy and user data management, speed, compatibility with web standards, integration with other services and devices, and unique features of each browser.