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Our online Lorem Ipsum text generator is the perfect tool for designers, developers, and editors who need to fill their mockups with placeholder text. Easily and quickly create filler text by choosing the desired number of paragraphs and words.

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Why use a Lorem Ipsum text filler generator?

Our Lorem Ipsum text generator is a text filling tool mainly used in graphic design and web development. It is a meaningless text that will allow you to test and evaluate the appearance of your designs or layouts. The main purpose is to preserve your layouts, it also allows you to fill empty spaces with text while maintaining a realistic and balanced appearance in your projects.

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You can generate paragraphs, sentences, headlines, and many other text elements according to your needs and the number of characters you want. Our tool also allows you to evaluate the readability of content in your designs or web layouts so that you can easily modify the size of your fonts, spaces, and other typographic elements.

Using the Lorem Ipsum filler text generator Hellotools facilitates collaboration among the members of your team, saving time.

Using Hellotools as a Lorem Ipsum filler text generator offers many advantages for designers and developers. It allows you to preserve layouts, evaluate readability, simplify collaboration, create neutral content, and offer great flexibility.

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Create placeholder text for your mockups and designs

Our lorem ipsum text generation tool allows you to create placeholder text for your mockups, designs, and prototypes. It generates text that resembles real Latin, helping to fill space in your designs and give an impression of complete content.

Placeholder Text

Generates placeholder text that resembles real Latin, ideal for filling space in your designs.

Text Customization

Customize the length and format of the placeholder text to meet your specific needs.

Instant Generation

Instantly generate placeholder text, saving you time in your design process.

Easy Copy

Easily copy the generated text and paste it into your mockups or designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lorem Ipsum is a standard placeholder text used in the publishing and graphic design industry. Its primary purpose is to provide temporary text that mimics real content in the layout of a document or web design. This allows designers and typographers to focus on the visual aspect and layout without being distracted by the text’s content. Lorem Ipsum is also useful for testing readability and the overall look of a layout before the final content is ready.

The origin of Lorem Ipsum dates back to ancient Rome. It is derived from a text by Cicero, a Latin writer, but it has been altered over time. The modern version we use today was popularized in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets that contained passages of Lorem Ipsum and later with desktop publishing software like Adobe InDesign. Lorem Ipsum was adopted because it has a fairly normal distribution of letters, making it text that resembles real content without distracting the reader.

Although Lorem Ipsum originates from a text by Cicero, it does not have a coherent meaning in its current used form. It has been modified and truncated so that it no longer forms valid Latin sentences. Its purpose is not to be readable or convey a message but simply to fill space with text that looks like real content in terms of letter size and distribution.

Lorem Ipsum distinguishes itself from other placeholder texts by its resemblance to natural text in terms of letter and word distribution. Other placeholder texts may use word repetitions, random sentences, or even humorous or absurd content. Some designers choose other forms of placeholder text to better match the mood or tone of the final project.

The use of Lorem Ipsum can influence how a client or the public perceives a design. Since the text is generic and non-distracting, it allows observers to focus on design elements such as layout, typography, and color. However, for some projects, the absence of real content can make it difficult to evaluate the final look and impact of the design.

From a legal and ethical perspective, the use of Lorem Ipsum is generally safe because it is copyright-free and widely recognized as an industry standard. However, it is important to ensure that placeholder text is replaced with final content before publishing or sharing the work, especially if the document is intended for public or commercial use, to avoid any confusion or impression of unprofessionalism.