Check DNS Lookup of a domain name

Find IP address of a domain name

The DNS Lookup is the process of translating a domain name to a corresponding IP address, which is then used to establish a connection with the corresponding server.

Server security must be a priority

How to protect an original IP address against attacks?

To protect yourself from attacks, you can use a CDN (Content Delivery Network), you can also set up anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection to block malicious requests from suspicious IP addresses and maintain the availability of your services

Content Delivery Network

A CDN is a network of servers designed to speed up the delivery of content on the web by providing a copy of the data on servers to reduce loading time and improve availability.

Protection anti-DDoS

DDoS protection is a set of security measures designed to protect servers and networks from DDoS attacks by blocking malicious traffic and maintaining resource availability.

System upgrade

It is important to update a web server to ensure that the latest security updates are applied, vulnerabilities are fixed, and to maintain server stability and performance.

Use a firewall

A firewall is used to control the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic on a web server, in order to block intrusion attempts and ensure data security and privacy.